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North Carolina Monthly Local Matches
1st Weekend of the month
Sir Walter: USPSA, 9AM
Clinton NC: IDPA
Foothills: IDPA, 10AM (Feb-Nov)

Oxford, NC: IDPA, 12PM

On Target: USPSA/IDPA, 6PM

​ZSA Pistol Match, PSR 37

Down Range, Rocky Mount - ZSA Pistol
Sportsmans Lodge, Jacksonville NC - ZSA Pistol

2nd Weekend of the month
B&R CQB Match 8:00AM
Rowan County: USPSA 10AM
Angier / Drake Landing: IDPA 8AM
Raleigh: IDPA, 4:30PM

Oxford, NC: IDPA, 12PM
Ant Hill: Steel Match, 12PM
Blackwater: 3-Gun, 10A (except Dec.)

On Target: USPSA/IDPA, 6PM 

3rd Weekend of the month
ZSA 3 Gun, Southern Virginia Defensive Firearms Institute, VA
Clinton NC: IDPA
Watauga: IDPA, 10AM
Charlotte NRA Action Pistol 12PM

Ant Hill: USPSA, 12PM
Oxford: "Fun" match, 12PM
Statesville: USPSA, 1PM

On Target: USPSA/IDPA, 6PM

Down Range, Rocky Mount NC - ZSA Pistol

4th Weekend of the month
ZSA Pistol Match, The Range, Oxford NC
Pitt County, USPSA, 10AM
B&R: USPSA, 8:00AM

ZSA 3gun match, The Range, Oxford NC
Blackwater: USPSA, 10A
Ant Hill: IDPA 12PM
Caswell: IDPA 12PM
PSR 37 Gunclub: USPSA, 10AM

On Target: USPSA/IDPA, 6PM

5th Weekend of the month
Ant Hill: USPSA 3-Gun, 12PM *USUALLY*
Oxford: IDPA BUG match
​Schedule courteous of
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ZSA is now a USPSA club. 
Stay tuned for ZSA hosted USPSA matches
Upcoming ZSA Matches
​5/24/14 Saturday ZAP - The Range - Oxford, NC 10:00am
5/26/14 Sunday ZAG - The Range - Oxford, NC 10:00am

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IDPA in Oxford

by Ken on 05/03/11

Well I got to shoot the IDPA match in Oxford this weekend. I was not really to worried about placing, or the score, I had a different agenda in mind.

I have had a few 40 cal mags sitting in my drawer, but since I installed the mag well on my Springfield I could not use them since they did not have an extended baseplate. So I got online and made an order with Brownell's and got me some Wolf extended base pads. They fit perfect on the 2 STI mags but the Meggar mags I have did not have any mounting holes for the base plates, so as I had the mags in the drill press it was not working out as planned, since I don't have a jig to drill the mounting holes the drill was walking all over the place, so in my way, I figured I would just glue them on, so with a little JB weld the base plates are installed, so now all I have to do is test them out and make sure they work, well that did not go as expected. First when I was loading one mag I got about 4 rounds in to it and they were sticking in the mag, so after a bit of tweaking I got that resolved, then during the match I had a one mag give me a feeding issue, then there were two that would not lock the slide back, what the hell, these are supposed to be the right mags, and they are giving me this much of a problem, :(. So for the last 2 stages I broke out the good old mags I have been using since February, they are Wilson Combat 47D 45ACP mags, and they load the 40 S&W rounds flawlessly in to my Springfield. So I am in search of a good mag tuning technique so after SC Section I will get back on and see if I can get them tuned, I am also going to be looking at other mags to possible replace them, so stay tuned.

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1. John Z Sr said on 5/4/11 - 12:58PM
Get a REVO !!!!

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